About the Housing Element Update (Measure T)

About the Housing Element Update (Measure T)

WITH ALL THE TALK OF LAWSUITS, LET’S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.  The State will NOT sue Encinitas for voting against Measure T – hear this directly from the Deputy Director who oversees Housing Element Updates for the State:


Passage of this measure will result in the following:

BUILDING HEIGHT. Increases current maximum of 30 feet to 48 feet, 3 stories plus a livable attic.


UPZONING. A minimum of 2,000 to 4,000 luxury condos and apartments to be built on 113 acres located at major intersections citywide, along El Camino Real, Encinitas Blvd., and Highway 101.
MIXED USE. Nearly all will be combined commercial and residential, fronting major roads.
HOUSING DENSITY. Increases current maximum to 30-41 units per acre.

TRAFFIC. 12,000 to 24,000 more cars on the road each day causing more congestion, strain on infrastructure, gridlock, and air pollution.
PARKING. Parking reduced to only 1 car per unit will force overflow into adjacent neighborhoods, lowering property values.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING. No guarantee any affordable housing will be built. All condos and apartments could be sold or rented at current market prices.
DENSITY BONUS. Developers have an incentive to increase the number of units by 35% over zoning. Density bonus can be invoked on the 113 rezoned acres and will not reduce the use of density bonus throughout the entire City.

COMMUNITY CHARACTER. Encinitas is the last of the small towns in coastal Southern California. Approval will destroy, not protect, our beach town. It will remove many of the protections of Prop A, the Right to Vote initiative passed in 2013.

CITY STAFF CONTROL. 90% of developers’ projects will be approved by one unelected staff member without Planning Commission, City Council, and public input.

VOTE NO ON MEASURE T. Preserve our small town character. Retain all provisions of Prop A.


Paid for by Committee Opposed To Encinitas Measure T, FPPC# 1389886